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Adhering to European and American technologies, Glorystar Laser is committed to laser application industries such as laser cutting, welding and marking and automation. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Years of product development and production experience have accumulated, and it has provided laser application solutions for users in countries and regions on six continents around the world.

1. Professional certifications, patents, honors

The company is committed to independent research and development and builds the core independent brand of Glorystar. Glorystar has been adhering to scientific and technological innovation for many years, and constantly endows the machine with core competitiveness. Important components are independently developed and produced, and all purchased parts are locked into mainstream brand suppliers in the industry. IPG, Wuhan Raycus, Japan, etc. have established long-term cooperative relations and strictly control the quality.

Glorystar Laser has won the titles of: National High-tech Enterprise, Guangdong Famous Brand Product, Excellent Rapid Growth Enterprise in 2017, AAA Credit Enterprise and so on. Obtained the Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center and the Laser Application Research Institute; passed ISO9001 Quality management system certification, EU CE certification, etc.

Glorystar Laser is one of the members of the laser industry, a certified supplier made in China, a number of corporate strategic partners, and a gold partner. 18 software copyright registration certificates, 4 software product registration certificates; design patents 8, 80 utility model patents; 8 invention patents.

2. R&D Team

The R&D team has more than ten industry directors with more than ten years of R&D experience. The R&D content includes mechanical design, electrical design, electrical control, software programming, automation application, process testing, installation and debugging, assembly, etc.

3. Strategic cooperation

Established a research and development center with Italian brand Prome, and jointly built a strong supply chain quality assurance system with core suppliers such as IPG, ESA, Beckhoff, Prett, Hayag, Donaldson and other manufacturers.

4. Powerful manufacturers

Strictly control each production process. Glorystar pays attention to product quality, and is equipped with a standardized production workshop with 139 production inspection procedures. From incoming material inspection to production and processing, from operation test to complete machine inspection, every detail of each process must undergo strict and rigorous inspection and testing to ensure that Standards compliant.

5. Serve with heart

Glorystar Laser has a quick response customer service team, including professional teams such as pre-sale service, in-sale service, after-sales service, customer training, etc., from technical process consultation, inspection and inspection and incoming material proofing reception, customer site inspection planning and installation and commissioning, free of charge In terms of customer personnel induction training, equipment maintenance and repair, etc., we provide 7*24 hours a full range of quick response services.

6. Free training

In order to ensure that customers can use the equipment efficiently and safely, Glorystar Laser will provide free and complete equipment operation training. Before using the equipment, customers need to send equipment operators to the Glorystar Laser Training Center to receive standardized training according to the purchased models. Finally, after a strict and systematic theoretical assessment and practical operation assessment, the certificate can be issued after passing the certificate, which can effectively ensure the safety of equipment and operators.

Lixing Laser Service Commitment

Glorystar Laser Service Commitment

In line with the business purpose of "providing customers with the most satisfactory products and services", Dongguan Glorystar Technology Co., Ltd. solemnly promises to continuously improve the service quality while ensuring the advanced nature, reliability and stability of the equipment. From mid-to-after-sales delivery, commissioning and opening, equipment maintenance management, technical services, user technical training, etc., to ensure that customers can get the best service, so that customers can be satisfied and assured.

1. Guarantee the integrity of the equipment to the customer site

Ensure that the equipment delivery packaging meets the requirements, so that the items arrive at the customer site in a safe and timely manner.

2. Free debugging and training for users

After the equipment arrives at the user's site, at the same time, after-sales personnel will go to the site to be responsible for the installation, commissioning, training and acceptance of the equipment. After the equipment is successfully debugged, a written installation and commissioning form will be provided to the user, which will be sealed and signed after the user is satisfied with the acceptance.

3. High-quality and fast after-sales service during equipment use

In order to better ensure the normal operation of the equipment, answer the questions raised by users in a timely manner, and help users solve problems, engineers at the company headquarters and local offices are responsible for technical consulting services in various places. The service center is responsible for providing technical consultation and repair service for customers free of charge at any time. It is guaranteed that after receiving the user's fault call and confirming the need for on-site maintenance, we will rush to the scene within 24 hours in Guangdong Province and 48 hours in other areas.

The company's customer service center has a 24-hour telephone service, and a full-time technical support engineer accepts calls from users to ensure that users receive technical support in a timely manner during the use of the equipment.

24-hour repair call: 400-8322-988 

Parts sales center: 13923801503.

4. Regular maintenance

Our company regards the maintenance and maintenance of equipment as an important indicator of after-sales service. During the warranty period of the equipment, our after-sales personnel will maintain and maintain the equipment free of charge every six months. This work will be completed together with the on-site after-sales service. At that time, it is hoped that users can organize operators to actively cooperate and participate.

5. Warranty Period

Warranty period: The warranty period is generally 1 year for the whole machine and 2 years for the laser; during the warranty period, all after-sales services are strictly implemented in accordance with the after-sales warranty terms.

6. Create user profiles to improve service quality for old customers

For all users who purchase our equipment, we will establish a special user profile; for users who purchase our equipment for the second time, when our company buys all accessories, they will enjoy a 5% discount. (please apply before payment)

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